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Abby Morris, MD, LLC

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What we offer is treatment of general adult psychiatry with special interests in the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, and bipolar disorder. This treatment includes medication management, but also family, couples, group and individual therapy. Addressing all problems with a holistic approach is important to finding and supporting solutions and progress.

A one-hour psychiatric evaluation session will evaluate you for proper diagnoses. Various treatment options will then be discussed and medications suggested. Additional hour-long sessions may occur to clarify the current diagnosis and treatment.

Medication management sessions will follow at set intervals. These will last 15-20 minutes in length and will review the progress with your current program.

Psychotherapy is an important component of treatment for all diagnoses. Medication alone can only do part of the job in treating serious illness or addiction. Generally, psychotherapy consists of 45-50 minute sessions addressing past, present or future issues affecting your life. Cognitive behavioral or dialectical behavioral techniques may be included as well as relaxation, behavioral concepts and supportive psychotherapy. Therapy sessions can include involvement of spouses, parents, children or other significant people in your life.

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